"Untitled" Photography Series


“untitled” is an experiment exploring image, femininity and performance, utilizing photography and written reflections. i photographed the process of applying makeup to my face, step-by-step, bringing attention to the layers, detail, precision, and prolonged nature of the process. the “beautiful face” then journeys through a variety of emotions and contemplation, leading to the erasure of the curated face. below are several photos from the process, as well as stream of consciousness reflections.


in middle school and high school i had difficulty getting dressed every day
there was always something i was unsatisfied with
i would unwrap my hair
part it on the left
and brush it perfectly to my liking
if it wasn’t perfectly straight
or something looked off
i would quickly try a different hairstyle
it was never perfect enough
i would go through several outfit trails each morning
i wished my clothes looked like the other girls—the ones deemed most beautiful at school;
the girls that got the attention

Alivia Blade